Why Study Path?

We offer quality advice on Quality Education. We are one of the official representatives for many UK institutes; hundreds of students received helped each year to gain entry to variety of programmes in the UK. Students are getting free advice on wide range of topics from undergraduate & postgraduate programmes, application procedures, visa processing, scholarships and many other topics. Perhaps, another important reason we charge the institutions for our services. Being an ethical operator, we do not have the policy of double charging i.e. charging the institutions as well as charging students (accept overseas application). As a result in country students save significant amount of money straight way.

Our Mission & Vision

We are committed to our customer centric philosophy on the basis of changing circumstances. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by providing them world-class customer service that is both reliable and competitive.

To be one of the global leaders in the field of international student recruitment assistants.

Our Values

Our core values- ‘ethics, expertise, leadership and dynamics’ drive us. We believe that honesty paves the way for true success. In sync with our values, we strongly discourage students to use any fraudulent means for pursuing their studies overseas or in countries.

Our Pledge

We are highly results oriented education marketing professionals. We offer a cost effective range of services combining sound business and education marketing experience with the power of the world wide network to deliver results, reach your targets and achieve your goals.